about the conan fund

The Conan Fund is a 100% non-profit charity fund that raises funds to support mental health. Not only does The Conan Fund raise money, but we raise awareness about mental health too. We educate and make others aware of mental health related topics, strategies and why mental health is so important.

We are aiming to improve support for those seeking help.

Money that is donated goes to NON-PROFIT mental health organizations, hospitals and charities.

Since 2018, Jacob & Alli Grosberg are spending each and every day thinking of ways to improve our mental health care system.

Donate just $1 and help us get on the path to make a change!


There is a machine to see if your physical body is broken, but no machine to see if your brain is broken.
— Jacob Grosberg, Founder of Conan Fund

Next steps

  • Provide more information about mental health support systems

  • Give people seeking mental health support, the easy way to find it.

  • Change the stigmas surrounding mental health.