about the conan fund

The Conan Fund is a non-profit charity fund that raises awareness for mental health, & raises money then donates the gathered funds to peer non-profit mental health organizations.

The Conan fund raises awareness for mental health and aims to improve support for those seeking help. All money donated goes to NON-PROFIT mental health organizations, hospitals and charities.

Since 2018, Jacob & Alli Grosberg are spending each and every day thinking of ways to improve our mental health care system.

Donate even $1 and help us in the goal to let every and all humans live a happy life with the support they need.

There is a machine to see if your physical body is broken, but no machine to see if your brain is broken.
— Jacob Grosberg, Founder of Conan Fund

Next steps

  • Provide more information about mental health support systems

  • Give people seeking mental health support, the easy way to find it.

  • Change the stigmas surrounding mental health.