Jacob At The Age Of 14

Jacob At The Age Of 14

JAcob Grosberg. Founder & CEO.

Jacob Grosberg is a Canadian mental health advocate born in 2004. At a young age Jacob showed interest in charity work by taking place in yearly events, and events with his father. In early October of 2018, after his father took his own life as a result of mental illness, Jacob came up with the idea of a mental health charity fund that supports mental illness. In late October, early November, Jacob and his mother started The Conan Fund. Jacob is also known for his Conan Fund Quote “There is a machine to see if your physical body is broken, but no machine to see if your brain is broken.”



Alli is a Canadian entrepreneur, mother and mental health advocate. She is a very well known artist, friend and advocate for others. She always speaks her mind and helps make positive changes in the world. Once Alli joined her son, Jacob in starting the Conan Fund, Alli became known as a inspiration not only for fighting through the loss of her husband, but for turning her pain into power. Alli is also the creator of the well known Conan Fund quote “Turn Your Pain Into Power”.