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Welcome To The Conan Fund


Our Mission:

#MakeA Change

Creating change worldwide for those who need it.


In Honour Of

The Conan Fund is a mental health charity that has been committed to supporting mental health worldwide since 2018. The Conan Fund is in honour of Ben Grosberg who struggled with mental illness and died by suicide.


Our Impact



thousand Dollars Raised



hours spent on making a change



Thousand people Impacted


Our Time

The Conan Fund believes in making a change. We want to increase the support offered world wide. We want to lower the death by suicide rate. We want to make a change! And we need your help to do it. Join us on the journey and support mental health.


mental health matters

The future of mental health is in our hands. Lets make it so the our world has the support they need.

how we do it

We believe that in raising awareness we are not only raising money, but we are educating others on mental health, which is very important. By raising awareness we are educating and making a change, while bringing you along to do it with us!

ready, set, action!

We are in the process of making a change. So far, we have raised over $11,000, supported over 15,000 people and spread awareness to over 25,000 people. Lets get these numbers growing!

your support

We need your support to make a change! Every dollar, every web page view, and every conversation about The Conan Fund pushes us further on the make a change path. And remember, mental health matters!


You have the power to write the rest of your story.

Jacob Grosberg.



Get Involved

Get involved in supporting mental health. We offer a variety of volunteer jobs for youth and adults to do. Contact us to get started!


Make a donation

Make a donation to The Conan Fund and support mental health. All money donated will go to making a change.


Jacob Grosberg, our founder, offers a wide variety of speaking and public talks that fit the criteria of all your wants and needs.

Contact us to set up an over-the-phone meeting to discuss Jacob speaking at your event!

get in touch

Get in touch with us today if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns.