The conan fund impact

We Are The Conan Fund!

We educate people world wide and spread awareness about mental health, while raising money to improve the support for those struggling.

After the loss of Ben Grosberg by suicide, Bens son Jacob Grosberg and his wife Alli Grosberg started what has become The Conan Fund. A charity thats making a change.

Since the beginning of The Conan Fund, The Grosberg’s Have Raised over $11,000 and have supported thousands of people who needed mental health resources and support.

The Conan Fund is passionate about making a change. We are teachers, educators and change makers! We are going to change the face of mental health and bring along people all across the world to do it with us.

The Conan Fund Has Proudly Supported


You Have The Power To Write The Rest Of Your Story
— Jacob Grosberg.